Fair Pay Surveys — Customized In-House Surveys

For Multi-Office National or Regional Nonprofits

We also produce surveys for regional and national nonprofit associations.

So far, we have produced five member compensation and benefits surveys (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018) for VisionServe Alliance, a national association of organizations that provide a diversity of services to people who are blind or severely visually impaired.

The parameters used in the Fair Pay Survey can be customized to suit your association in whatever way you like. For example, if you want to report compensation by annual operating budget, we will jointly decide on the budget category ranges based on the data reported by your participating organizations so that we get a good sample in each budget category. Benefits and policy questions can also be added, deleted and modified so that we collect the data that you think will be most useful and interesting to your affiliates.

Each survey is customized with respect to the number and type of jobs reported. You choose the jobs for which your organizations need data, whether just a few or over 100.

Unlike the Fair Pay Surveys conducted for nonprofits in a specific geographic region (like our annual Northern California survey), compensation data may be submitted from all over the country. Using factors calculated to compare pay levels in specific localities, we adjust the data so that it can be compiled as one data sample. We have found this to be a straightforward and effective way to address this issue.

A typical timeline for these projects covers 5 to 6 months, beginning with discussion about your particular requirements so that we can customize the survey instrument. The data collection phase tends to take around 2 months, and then it will take another 2 months or so for us to complete the report. Publicizing the survey to potential participants is usually done by the sponsoring organization, though we do provide weekly reports of everyone who has responded to date so that the sponsor can continue to effectively encourage participants throughout the data collection phase.

Our estimate of the cost for a project of this type, surveying up to 25 jobs and including benefits, is in the neighborhood of $9,000 for a survey of up to 200 participants, incrementally higher by $10 for each participant over 200, so that a survey with 300 participants would cost $10,000, a survey with 400 participants would cost $11,000, and so on. Please note that this is just a preliminary estimate. Depending on the benefits and policies questions you want to ask, we may be able to simplify the survey somewhat and lower the cost accordingly. A survey covering more jobs would raise the cost somewhat.

For more information about our customized in-house surveys, contact
Rita Haronian at bob@nonprofitcomp.com or call her at