Fair Pay Surveys - About Us

Fair Pay Surveys are produced by Bob Orser and Rita Haronian, operating as Nonprofit Compensation Associates (NCA), and capitalizing on our combined 71 years of experience in producing compensation and benefits surveys, beginning with The Management Center's Northern California Survey, first produced in 1978.

The Fair Pay Surveys Team. From left: Jona Sandau, Finuala Liberti, Elaine Gordon, Rita Haronian and Bob Orser (Not pictured: Danielle Montague)

NCA is a virtual organization with a team of six Northern Californians — one in Carmel, two in Oakland, two in American Canyon and one in Vallejo. We are in constant contact with each other, which is common for virtual entities, and with our clients, even though we might not meet physically very often.

Co-publishers Bob and Rita have been working together for 34 years now, beginning at The Management Center in San Francisco in 1983.

Bob is the Nonprofit Doctor, who has been a key leader in the nonprofit organization management movement for over 40 years. He is co-founder of three of the most successful nonprofit management support organizations in the country — The Support Center in Washington, D.C. in 1972, The San Francisco Support Center (now CompassPoint Nonprofit Services) in 1975 and The Management Center in San Francisco in 1977.

For a number of years, Rita served as Project Manager for the annual compensation and benefits surveys of both Northern and Southern California nonprofit organizations. She has designed customized applications for nonprofit surveys in Philadelphia, Louisiana, Seattle, Houston, Kansas City, Oregon and North Carolina. She has also produced four surveys for VisionServe Alliance, a national association of nonprofit organizations that provide services to people with vision loss.

Finuala Liberti and Jona Sandau, both located in American Canyon, and Elaine Gordon, located in Vallejo, and Danielle Montague, located in Oakland, round out NCA's team of six. Finuala conducts research and manages all of our information systems. Elaine manages our relationships with our Northern California survey's regional partners and markets the survey directly, by email and phone, to prospective survey participants. Jona is our senior consultant and assists us on special projects. Danielle, the newest member of our team, conducts research and assists in the production of the survey report.

For more information about Fair Pay Surveys, please contact us. We will be glad to send you a sample copy of one of our surveys for your review.