Fair Pay regional nonprofit organization compensation and benefits surveys are the best surveys of their kind.
Fair Pay Surveys
Nonprofit Compensation Associates works with local sponsoring organizations to conduct a Fair Pay compensation and benefits survey for their community.

Become a Fair Pay Surveys
Local Host Organization

As a local host, you provide a community service by bringing the best survey of its kind to nonprofit organizations in your region.

Specifically, the survey helps them to:

  • Set fair salaries and benefits to attract and retain "the best and brightest" employees
  • Evaluate industry standards for compensation for a range of positions
  • Budget and plan for the cost of adding new staff members
  • Analyze their own jobs and compensation
  • Stand up to the scrutiny of an increasingly skeptical public
  • Compare their salaries and benefits with others in their own geographic community, not with organizations totally out of their local economic market

The Fair Pay survey is especially useful to your nonprofit community because of extensive changes that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made to the Annual Form 990 information tax return.


For more information about Fair Pay Surveys, contact
Rita Haronian at rita@nonprofitcomp.com or call her at

The Northern California Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Survey

The Grandmother of Them All:
Stronger and More Robust Than Ever in Its 40th Year

We are also co-producers of "Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2018 Compensation and Benefits Survey." With 610 participating organizations reporting on over 32,000 employees, the 2018 survey report is the largest and most robust in the survey's 40-year history. This is the sixth year in a row that the survey broke its participant record!


Regional vs. National Surveys

A high percentage of jobs that nonprofits fill are best compared with others in their own economic community, with benefits being compared similarly. National surveys, even when broken down into large regions (e.g. "the far west," "the southeast"), are almost worthless because they do not take local differences into account.

Regional compensation and benefits surveys provide the best information possible to their nonprofit participants because the comparisons are not with organizations hundreds of miles away, but agencies in their own community. Great examples include surveys in Southern California, Metro Seattle, Metro Chicago, New York City, Metro Kansas City, Metro Washington D.C., Southwest Pennsylvania, Central Florida, Northeast Florida and Southern New England.